How to Organize a Good Research Paper in MLA Style: Expert Instructions

Learning how to make a research paper outline using MLA style includes understanding the basics of what is required. The formatting style requires close attention to details. In many cases, it comes down to how works are cited and if the citation is created correctly. There are many options to help you understand how to create your project with the format including using examples, a template, and the reference book available for this formatting style. Here are things to know when using the format for your assignment.

Basic Information

There are many details to pay attention to when using MLA formatting for your academic writing. You can use manuals and guidebooks provided by your instructor for further insight on how to use the style correctly. Students tend to mix up or forget doing certain actions such as forgetting to capitalize names, insert dates, and even space margins incorrectly. Reviewing details of the style format before you start writing greatly reduces risk of errors. To get a general idea of what details you should pay attention to here are a few important points to note:

  • Space the document with 1 inch margins. Type content should be double-spaced with a 12 point font for easy reading.
  • The page header should include your name and page number on each page in the upper right area.
  • Your assignment title and information is detailed in the title block section of the page.
  • When using citations omit comma between the page number and author name. Inline quotes used should have a comma or period on the outside.
  • When citing works by author list in alphabetical order instead of listing based on quotes mentioned in your work.

Additional Details

For a research paper outline, MLA style elements can be detailed in a manner to help you remember how to structure citations. The formatting style is different from APA and others with additional details to review that point out their differences. For better insight consider reading an example paper written by a previous graduate or through a professional writing service. There are samples available free online for reading purposes you can use as a guide when developing content using this format.
Pay close attention to details due to few having additional rules and guidelines more than others. It makes a difference to double-check your work before submission to ensure you get the most points possible. An option to consider ensuring your paper follows the formatting style perfectly is to have your work reviewed by an editor or hire an academic writer to help you write the content. It can be an investment that makes a difference in results.