Picking up Only Good Research Paper Topics for History

Writing a history paper doesn’t have to be boring but the right topic will make a difference. When preparing your research paper in history the first thing to think about is a topic. The topic you select should be something of personal interest. There are so many things to consider when you think about history. Your personal interests will be your starting point. From there, you can brainstorm something original and different that will make writing your paper easy. Here are tips and prompts to help you get a great topic.

Basic List of Prompts

Choosing a topic for a good paper includes knowing elements that make a great paper worth reading. Consider sections of the paper you will be writing. Think about research paper topic ideas, history ideas that will help you be creative with details. Define the purpose of each section to make sure you understand what information it will discuss. Guidelines for your project may also give insight on how to choose a favorable topic. Here is a list of writing prompts to consider for brainstorming:

  1. African history and the apartheid during racial segregation.
  2. African history and the decline of the Kongo.
  3. Earliest pieces of Chinese art and its influence on modern culture.
  4. Significance behind Native American art and its influences.
  5. How ethnicity influences a region and its growth.
  6. How historical places of influence inspired tourism people enjoy today.
  7. Capitalism and how it has changed over the years.
  8. How monetary systems have changed in certain countries in recent years.
  9. Why climate change is more of a concern now that in the past.
  10. Animals on the verge of extinction or was thought to be extinct.

Tips on Selecting

Your personal interests and what you know can help you find something to research. If you don’t have much interest in history topics you can use old papers previously written by others to spark ideas. Such papers are found through academic databases or library archives. Current events count as history; consider current issues that affect cultural, religious, or economic interests. When you have an idea you like think about sources you can use to gather additional data. If you are able to gather a good amount of supporting information you may have a good topic to research.